If You Don’t Agree with the President

You don’t have to — and you’re still a good American.

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Lately, I’ve been feeling an insidious current running through our country. That is the thought that if you don’t agree with the President of the United States, then you either hate him, or you are unAmerican. I beg to differ.

It’s actually very American to disagree.

We’re a bunch of fighters. (Take that how you will.)

One of the reasons that people of all stripes struggle to come to this country and have since it’s inception is the principle of freedom that we are perceived to hold dear.

Just recently a Trump supporter wrote to say that we should do whatever the president wants.

I wrote to her: “No ma’am. The POTUS is not a king. We don’t do that.” Her statement was frightening to me.

Our country was born out of disagreement.

We were taxed without representation by the British king because he needed money…and we tossed 342 chests of tea overboard into the Boston harbor on December 16, 1773, to protest this tyranny.

Americans are proud of the fact that we did not meekly follow the British empire. Remember the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me?”

It sounds oddly modern.

It was created in 1775 by the Continental General Christopher Gadsen to be used for the Thirteen Colonies as they went to fight the British.

Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), Lexicon, Vikrum [Public domain]

Do they still teach civics in our schools? We may need a resurgence.

We had a War of Independence with Great Britain to get rid of the king in 1775, and it is more than disappointing that we actually have citizens who want to get one in 2019.

They don’t know what they are asking.

Many real patriots must be spinning angrily in their graves.

The motto was also used by the modern American Tea Party (have we no originality?) in 2010.

Unlike the Tea Party in 1773 that fought for its independence from a king across the sea, this new party wanted independence from its own government (and debt!), that is, until a Republican was elected to the White House.

Problem solved.

Debt is no longer a problem. YEA!

And then, of course, we had the Civil War or the War Between the States: Pick one. Half of the country hated President Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

After all, if you were a slaveowner he was going to bankrupt you because a slave was worth as much as $800 ($23,000 today!) each. Imagine a group of southern belles expressing their outrage:

How dare he make me let Beulah go free! Why she needs me as much as Ay needs her! The nerve of that feller…(and then we get the real deal) — this is my investment!

And so on…

Then again, maybe they weren’t good Americans; they did split off and become Confederates, right? The “Rebels” label does sound nicer though…

BUT the American people in various percentages h̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ disliked ̶a̶ ̶l̶o̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶
every president.

A lot of people hated Theodore Roosevelt because he was a progressive…and his fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave us The New Deal (progressive again!), but not too many could have hated Franklin — after all, he was elected to four terms in office.

But we were still all Americans.

On August 5th, 2018, I saw a photo of two older gentlemen at a Trump rally. They wore t-shirts with a sentence which I never thought I would see in this lifetime — on American soil at an American political event.

“I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.”


Jeremy Pelzer, cleveland.com

It was so shocking that viewers asked if it was real. This picture was taken by Jeremy Pelzer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer at an Ohio rally. It was real. I checked the website where shirts like these are on sale. The price, however, has dropped 23%.

But still, the incongruousness is amazing. The hat says:

“Make America Great Again.”

The shirt?

“Not so much.”

Politics has split us down the middle recently, and everyone knows where they stand.

But seriously?

Our priorities need realignment.

We must be Americans first.

Writer and Observer: Injustice, History, Family, Love, and Politics. Electrical Engineer. Completing First Historical Fiction Novel.

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