"I am financially more stable and I have enough experience to recognize the ways being white-skinned did contribute to that fact over time. " I agree with you that this is true and admire your ability to write it. Some will disagree because it takes away from their own accomplishments. However, I assert that structural racism hurts ALL of us and it is because of the bias against people of color that we have whites who are poor. They are caught in the net.

IF we behaved like the happiest countries (Finland, Iceland, and so on) we would have healthcare for ALL, not just those who have resources. We would have free or low-cost high-quality educations. We would have a strong welfare state (one would not be at risk of homelessness or lack of healthcare because of a job loss). We would even have a decent minimum wage. But all of these negatives exist...because even poor white people in America fight against these benefits if it means it will go to brown and black people too. Racism is a type of disability. And as a result, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing, and the middle-class getting smaller. Poor whites still have an advantage, but poverty erases vision for anyone caught in the net.

Writer and Observer: Injustice, History, Family, Love, and Politics. Electrical Engineer. Completing First Historical Fiction Novel.

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