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They voted for President-elect Joe Biden and Democracy in the 2020 election. That is how he won.

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David Lienemann, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For four long years, reporters tramped out to rural areas, trying to scrape inside rural folks' brains to see what THEY wanted from Washington. And nobody could miss the forlorn videos of wasted, ruined factories in the small-town landscape, surrounded by tableaus of sad faces that held memories of prosperity in the years gone by. There were videos of children and parents who passed away due to alcoholism and opioid use. It was poverty porn USA.

President Donald J. Trump called people like them the “silent majority.” The implication was they were too shy, embarrassed, or even ashamed to say they would vote for him. Only they weren’t silent. …

He sicced a mob on the U.S. Capitol

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Today domestic terrorists breached the U.S. Capitol building. They carried a confederate flag, showing where their allegiance lies. They never truly believed in the United States of America. They never really bought into the tenets of democracy. Only this time, slavery is not the subject — or is it?

It was a dark day.

The ghosts of the Civil War, the traitors, that is…still live. They live on in today's Republican Party. The evidence of that was demonstrated quite amply at the U.S. Capitol today. The allegiance is not the abolition of slavery this time; it’s the worship of President Donald J. Trump and their attempt to establish a dictatorship…for life. …

U. S. death tolls are going up, and up

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Former New York City mayor and current attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, poses with members of the Arizona Legislature Nov. 30, 2020, after an unofficial hearing on alleged election fraud in Arizona. Trump announced Dec. 6, 2020, Giuliani was diagnosed with COVID-19, leading the Arizona Legislature to close. From left are Sen. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, an unidentified man, Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, Giuliani, Rep. Leo Biasiucci, R-Lake Havasu City, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, Rep. Bret Roberts, R-Maricopa, Rep. David Cook, R-Globe, Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix. Arizona Capitol Times

My brother was in Desert Storm. But soldiers were able to come home now and then. And right in the middle of some of their worst conflicts, he was able to visit. We were living in Dallas, Texas, at the time.

It didn’t go well.

We drove through the streets. Everything looked pretty normal; various people walked the streets nonchalantly, and there appeared to be no drama.

But it was when we stopped at a Chili’s to catch up that he exploded. It was full, and we had to wait for a table. Inside were groups of people talking fast and loud over the music; good times were being had by all. …

The scientists can’t get the COVID19 vaccine to me and mine fast enough

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

All five of us (spouse, son, and twin, preteen granddaughters) have been here in our townhouse for five days straight. I’ll have to put in another order of food from Amazon Fresh before too long. We never see the guy when he comes which is probably best. The doorbell rings and by the time we get downstairs, the food is waiting for us to put away. A friend of mine shopped for us last March and April — it was like torture not to hug her when she came by. This is more impersonal and businesslike.

When we're locked down, we see nobody. That’s how we roll. …

Here’s a secret: They’re terrified that he’ll steal the next term.

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Under the headline “Unpresidented”, the fake newspaper’s lead story said Mr Trump had left a resignation message on a napkin in the Oval Office.PHOTO: TWITTER

They raised a pit bull and now there’s nothing they can do with him. The situation is out of control.

Some Republicans saw the situation early and went home, like Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He had too many conflicts with the president and left Congress in December 2018 to “spend more time with his family.”

It’s probably best. By now he’d have been identified as a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) and pushed out of office by people who deemed him to be unloyal and insufficiently servile to the lordship of Trump. …

It might actually make a difference and then where would we be?

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Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

The states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are hot spots right now. Well — perhaps not as much as it was since Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have certified their electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden as of today.

There were three other states in contention; Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. (Nevada recently certified its electoral vote.) But the protests for President Trump in those states were muted; the fervor was not as strong. There are a few reasons for this. It’s not that these three states aren’t diverse, but they are less diverse, at least in regards to Black people. Arizona’s black population is 4%. Nevada? 8.6%. New Mexico is 2.6% …

There is hope

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Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Remember these two things:

  1. Just because you are different does not mean that you are less.
  2. You need to forgive yourself.

These are two of the walls that we have erected. These can cause insecurity and unhappiness which stops us from reaching our true potential.

Have you heard of dirt blindness? It’s when a home is a mess, and yet, the people who live there don’t see it. They may even be more comfortable because after all, it’s their mess.

But then, they trip and fall over objects on the floor— or they run out of dishes. There are no clean clothes to wear and spiders in the corners. They feel stress because of the mess. But if they could clean it up, life might be so much better. The Danes have a word for this: hygge. It means cleanliness, warmth, and comfort. …

Damn it! I still like them.

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Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

You will never catch me at a Trump rally. Correction: You would have never caught me at a rally and I don’t know if the President will have any more. My bet is that he will.

That’s because I despise the man — my eyes and ears tell me that he is a proponent of “White Identity” politics which is an educated way of saying that he’s a racist. But I don’t want to go to hell because I refused to love my fellow man (Do I have to love everybody? …

But we’re not done

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Photo by visuals on Unsplash

There is a reason why we applied the brakes on Donald Trump in the election of 2020. At least 74,000,000 of us saw the warning signs. We decided that authoritarianism and populism ideologies are not what we want in our American DNA. These are not conducive to American freedom.

We never knew that our institutions could so easily be damaged by a president who ignores traditions, rules, and professional standards. We were surprised to see our government develop employment turnover worse than a fast-food restaurant, and as any program manager knows; turnover is never efficient, stable, or good.

Then, there was the development of a “deep state” theory. Traditionally, our government has people who work in government as a career. They develop expertise along the way, and they are protected by Civil Service Rules. …

I did it early and by mail. It is NOT an “illegal” vote

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Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

Trump voters are demanding state vote counters to “Count the Vote!” or “Stop the Vote!” But be careful. Like a surgeon's needle, these requests need to be applied strategically. Are we in Arizona? Keep counting. In Pennsylvania? Stop! This shows no consistency and more than a little hypocrisy on the part of the protesting Trump voters.

And even though one candidate has 73,919,527 votes (50.5%) against an incumbent who has 69,801,772 votes (47.7%) so far; Trump voters, egged on by the President of the United States, are insisting that the election is being stolen.

It is, as Senator Susan Collins would typically say, very disturbing. Our very own president is trying to trash our voting system; this is the very heart of our democracy. Millions upon millions of us knew that putting him in the White House was a risk, but none of us thought it would be this bad. …

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