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Writer and Observer: Injustice, History, Family, Love, and Politics. Electrical Engineer. Completing First Historical Fiction Novel.

But as we all watched the police officer ground his knee into his neck, we slowly realized: We were watching a murder.

The picture above may be a bit much for you. It’s hard to look at it as I write this. I believe that by this time in the frame, George Floyd’s spirit was gone. But I’m forcing myself to look at this picture. Go ahead. Take a closer look. We all need to remember. This is what murder looks like.

Don’t stop believing your lying eyes.

Three other police officers held off the crowds as George Floyd breathed his last. In the video, concerned bystanders approached in an effort to save Mr. Floyd’s life. The officer pulled out a can…

It might actually make a difference and then where would we be?

The states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are hot spots right now. Well — perhaps not as much as it was since Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have certified their electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden as of today.

There were three other states in contention; Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. (Nevada recently certified its electoral vote.) But the protests for President Trump in those states were muted; the fervor was not as strong. There are a few reasons for this. It’s not that these three states aren’t…

During World War I, many able-bodied men went to war. But the work of the country still had to be done.

There were thousands of job openings and not enough men to fill them.

All of a sudden, women had hands, a body, and…a brain.

In the photo above, Ice Girls carry out a delivery to a customer. The block is heavy, and yet, they are not pushed aside by men because it’s too strenuous for their delicate bones. They’re not too sensitive or even too weak. They just do the job.

Fascinating what society will adapt to when necessary. Did well-dressed, highly coiffed ladies stop them in the streets and say, “Does your mother know what you’re doing? …

"I am financially more stable and I have enough experience to recognize the ways being white-skinned did contribute to that fact over time. " I agree with you that this is true and admire your ability to write it. Some will disagree because it takes away from their own accomplishments. However, I assert that structural racism hurts ALL of us and it is because of the bias against people of color that we have whites who are poor. They are caught in the net.

IF we behaved like the happiest countries (Finland, Iceland, and so on) we would have healthcare…


Thank you! I'm honored. I was shocked when I did my research to find many of these things in the history of our country. The police are made up of honorable and brave men and women. But we have to keep an eye on the origin of some of the negative things that can come from unbridled power. Then we can fix it. Again, thank you! This made my day!

Simplicity is the key.

It was interesting to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix deliver advice on clearing out your house. I watched the first three episodes of the series and then stopped. Nothing personal; I just realized that I was experiencing clutter overload. I mean, how many times can one watch someone's kitchen be de-cluttered?

Recently, I realized that this de-cluttering could apply to other parts of life as well.

I’ve started a new thing. You know that uncomfortable flash you get in the back of your mind when something’s not right? You’re irritated or just plain mad. …

Unless you were Black, of course

I have never lived in Georgia. It’s possible it could have happened. My mother is from the state, and if she hadn’t gone up to Philadelphia to work as a maid, she wouldn’t have met my dad, who was in the Air Force. Then they (with me, my sister, and two brothers) wouldn’t have lived on bases from Germany to Idaho to New York and the Phillippines. She’d have stayed in Georgia, married a hometown boy, and, well, then I wouldn’t be me. I’d be somebody else.

But as long as I’ve been alive, Georgia was known to have a…

My in-laws are 83 and 85. How hard could it be?

I’m beginning to panic. My heart pounds and my hands are sweating because I have anxiety…not for me, but for my in-laws. They are wonderful people, and a little unusual. For example, my mother-in-law, who is 83, still works. She won’t listen to anybody who will tell her to stay home. And what does she do? Why, work with children of course! She’s the monitor who straps them into their seats every day for their safety.

I can assure you that any child on her bus will have no choice.

They WILL be strapped in. Securely.

In the meantime, she…

This Black History Month we should honor Representative Jim M. Hinds

United States Representative James M. Hinds is dead.

Even though he was born and raised in Hebron, a small town in northern New York, Congressman Hinds was the Arkansas representative for the 2nd congressional district. He had arrived in Arkansas after the “War between the States” which had ended in 1865. A graduate of the Cincinnati School of Law, he realized that St. Peter, Minnesota, the town that he and his wife, the former Anna Pratt, lived in would not grow much further. …

He sicced a mob on the U.S. Capitol

Today domestic terrorists breached the U.S. Capitol building. They carried a confederate flag, showing where their allegiance lies. They never truly believed in the United States of America. They never really bought into the tenets of democracy. Only this time, slavery is not the subject — or is it?

It was a dark day.

The ghosts of the Civil War, the traitors, that is…still live. They live on in today's Republican Party. The evidence of that was demonstrated quite amply at the U.S. Capitol today. The allegiance is not the abolition of slavery this time; it’s the worship of President…

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